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Help us raise £1,500,000 for charity

The India Association are currently planning their most ambitious fundraising event to date. ‘Bobby’s Walk Full Circle’ will see 80-year old India Association Chairman, Bobby Grewal complete a 2,600 mile trek across India, with the aim of raising £1,500,000 for deserving children’s charities, in the UK and abroad.

Bobby will say goodbye to his family in mid October 2015 to begin a five-month and a half month walk, from Kanyakumari (on the Southern most point of India), via Chennai and Calcutta, to Delhi, where he is due to complete the walk, by the end of March 2016.

He will be accompanied by a single support vehicle and team of four; a Walk Director, a driver, a chef and a physiotherapist, who will ensure he remains in good health throughout the walk. 

The walk itself will be physically and mentally challenging, due to Bobby’s age, the extreme weather condions and tough terrain, but Bobby will need to cover 20-25 miles a day, in order to reach the various milestones along the route and attend fundraising functions up and down the country.

This map outlines the route that Bobby will take.

Bobby's Walk Route Map

Bobby’s Walk Full Circle has the full backing and support of Prime Minister David Cameron, Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg and our Patrons; Ed Miliband, Sir Ranulph Fiennes, Lord Bilimoria, Dominic Grieve MP QC, Professor Colin Green, C B Patel, Virendra Sharma MP, Lord Sheikh, Clare Short, Keith Vaz MP and Baroness Verma.

‘Bobby’s Walk Full Circle’ is the second part of Bobby’s epic journey, to walk the ‘cicle of India’. The challenge began in 2005, with the ‘Great Charity Walk’. Bobby spent five months walking 2,556 miles, down the west coast of India, from Amritsar in the North, down to Kanyakumari in the extreme South.

Bobby’s efforts resulted in over £100,000 of donations along the way, which were donated to Cancer and Aids charities, in the UK and India.

We are looking for sponsors, media partners and donors to support Bobby’s amazing undertaking. If you can help, please contact the Walk Director Dr Rajan Bhanot via email ( or by phoning 07990 750000.

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