Denham Village

16 months to go…

Dear friends,

These are very exciting times and there have been a lot of developments at the India Association since I last blogged.

We are extremely grateful to SWNS and ITV, for publicising Bobby’s Walk Full Circle.

The India Association received a lovely letter of thanks from one of our supporters, following our recent Vaisakhi event;

“Hello Mr Grewal,
I want to take this opportunity to thank you for helping people like me. I was diagnosed with an illness a couple of years ago and became very ill. I was not going to survive but with the help of people like you, I was put on a piece of equipment that was donated by a charity like yours. This equipment was impossible to get. It helped me recover from MRSR and other infections I had during my stay at hospital. I was able to survive and here I am now still alive and trying to make a difference. Thank you for helping me stay alive.”

This note touched all of us at the India Association and has brought home the reality of what we are trying to achieve with Bobby’s Walk Full Circle.

With 16 months to go until I fly to India, I thought I would update you about my progress with training. I have been a little unwell, but I am currently walking three times a week. My favourite route is from my home in Bakers Wood, through the very old village of Denham (which is about a mile from my home) and on through the picturesque Denham Village, past the church and on to the Golf Club. I then walk through the woods to the river and follow the stream through Uxbridge.

I cannot explain the beauty of this walk; I see ducks with their little babies, beautiful boats moored on the river and enjoy the smell of people cooking their breakfasts. The fresh air is priceless!

I then continue on to Uxbridge and follow the road back home. In all, the route is 7/8.miles.

Until next time,



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