India Association Goes Responsive

  •  Rajan Bhanot
  •  14/05/2015
  •  News
On April 21st Google made a change to its search engine indexing algorithms. The change was made to penalise websites that were not responsive in their design by ranking then lower in search engine results.

Quite simply, if your website is not viewable comfortably on devices from handheld smartphones and tablets, through to laptops and desktop PC’s, Google will make it more difficult for people to search for you on the web.

Ever since the India Association launched its new look website over 18 months ago, we have always been quick to move with the changing trends of browsing while on the move. For this reason, a major transformation in our web presence has taken place with the launch of our completely redesigned, responsive website.

Every page of the new site has been redesigned from the ground up and has taken our in house team over 200 combined hours to complete. All old data was painstakingly migrated and tested on the new platform.

Social media has been fully integrated as well as app level linking with Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Youtube.

Our redesigned web presence is ready just in time for the big media push for Bobby’s Walk Full Circle and we are ready for the extra traffic and interest this epic fundraiser will bring.

Although you can donate right now, over the next few weeks will be launching a new donation module, online ticketing system for Bobby’s Black Tie Event on October 10th and a live map system will be in place for when the walk starts in late October this year.

Through our website you will have the ability to stay up to date and engage real-time with Bobby as he walks over 2,600 miles from the south to north of India to reach his target of £1,500,000 for charity.

Please be sure to check this site and our social networking feeds for up to date information. Furthermore, we welcome feedback on any aspect of the site’s new look and suggestions on how we can improve things further.

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