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We believe in ethical fundraising and for that … we need ethical giving

That’s the reason why the India Association have teamed up with the ethical giving a fundraising site Golden Giving.

Over £1 billion is donated online every year in the UK. On average 25% of every donation is automatically deducted due to business management and operational costs, or due to the use of third party providers and associated fees. Golden Giving provides the business tools and remove the business costs associated with donating and fundraising.

If everyone used Golden Giving, over £250 million more would go to charity front line causes, year on year.

Golden Giving is free to use for charities, donors and fundraisers. They are and will always be free. Golden Giving is transparent and has NO hidden charges. Using Golden Giving to drive our website donations and fundraising events means that more money goes to our charity, as compared with using a fee charging website (e.g. Just Giving and Virgin Money Giving).

Fee charging websites deduct fees from donations, government contributions (e.g. Gift Aid) and charge monthly subscription fees. Fee charging websites provide functionality based on maximising commercial profit, as opposed to charity need.. Golden Giving provide a wider range of tools than all fee charging websites and at no cost to their charity partners.

The only extra charges apply to bank processing and even these can be compared when making a donation with Golden Giving ensuring that the costs behind your donation are as transparent as possible.

If all of the above was enough to convince you, Golden Giving even claim Gift Aid from the government on your behalf (if you’re eligible) which means we get 25% added on top of your donation amount!

For every £75,000 raised by our donors and fundraisers, including Gift Aid, our charity would receive around £4,200 more when using Golden Giving compared with Just Giving!*

The India Association even have their own ‘Wall‘ on the Golden Giving website where you can get information about our fundraising and even set-up regular donations.

Together, Golden Giving and the India Association make a lean, green, fundraising machine.

*Based on a typical small charity receiving £5,000 per month or £60,000 per year in charity and fundraising donations, broken down as 250 donations per month or 3000 donations per year, £20 median value donation, with 90% debit card and 10% credit card donations. Median donation amount based on Charities Aid Foundation UK Giving 2012 Summary report. Debit and credit card split based on Golden Giving research of an average small charity annual donation profile

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