Bobby’s Walkmobile leaves for the South of India

We always knew that the Walkmobile would have to travel 3,500kms from Delhi to KanyakumariThe Walkmobile is blessed without us.

For Bobby to spend the four days the trip would take would be too exhausting for him at the start of his epic walk.

Following delays with the printing of her new graphics, the Walkmobile was pressed for time to be blessed and launched, filled with supplies and sent on her way.

The place was Keshav Kunj in New Delhi and the date was 21st October 2015. Many people gathered for the launch including Dr. Krishna Gopal, Lalit Anand (General Secretary of Saksham-Delhi) and Rakesh Goswami of Kreeda Bharti

IMG_2512The Walkmobile was given her blessings by Ravindra Goyal of the famous Jhandewalan temple.

A clear message was sent that Bobby’s Walk Full Circle (which is managed by the India Association) shall spread awareness about the Prime Ministers National Relief Fund which it is supporting alongside Saksham’s initiatives to mainstream the practice of eye donation in India. Building up essential infrastructures like eye banks/eye collection centres across the country, motivating doctors to do Corneal transplantation, identification of persons with corneal blindness and linking them to doctors and eye
banks is a strategy worthy of emulation across the developing world.IMG_2596

In fact, Saksham wants India to be free of Corneal Blindness by 2018 and we wholly support their noble efforts within India.

Bobby and I waved our farewells as the bus was launched and moved away from us extremely slowly due to the notorious Delhi traffic. I wiped away a tear but knew that we would be reunited once again in a few days ready for the start of Bobby’s Walk Full Circle.



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