Sheltering from the rain in good company

D3 (Wed 28/10/15) 25/88

We reach Tirunelveli

A Sakham friend buys us lunchThe day started off well but again the sun beat down in the middle of the day.

Bobby’s feet were causing his much discomfort even though this had been expected in the first week of walking.
At lunchtime another member from Saksham intercepted us on his modified scooter. It was nearing lunchtime and he ushered us to follow him into town. Once on the outskirts he took us to lunch in a lovely restaurant. Bobby relaxed at that location and I decided to head into town and try to source some of the items on our long shopping list which would allow us to do our own cooking.Walk shopping list

This turned out to take forever with the most difficult item on the list being a gas cylinder! Six locations later I got hold of a
19kg, commercial one and headed to another store to get a regulator, gas hose and dual stove. Alongside this I also managed to get a pressure cooker, pots, pans, cutlery, plates, bowls, toiletries and other sundries. It was four and a half hours but items we badly needed were with us in one shopping hit. Unfortunately we didn’t have time to buy any food to cook!

By the end of the day we were nearing the second big town (Tirunelveli) since leaving Kanyakumari. As we neared the town we noticed the change in the sky and felt a few drops of rain. Although Bobby was hoping to walk a few kms further, we neared the main intersection in the town and the heavens opened.

The rain came down in buckets and we immediately sought shelter in under the canopy of a scooter/motorcycle spares shop. In the few seconds it took to get there, we were drenched.

Shelin George of the Rene FoundationThe individuals inside the shop ushered us inside and sat us down while they chatted to us through our new language which consisted of sign, English and Hindi rolled into one.

A few moments later a lady came running up to the store and mentioned she had seen our bus parked outside while she was driving by. She happened to work with a charity (The Rene Foundation). We had another long chat and exchanged details.

Shelin would prove to be an extremely  good friend over the coming days.

The rain did not subside so we parked overnight in the forecourt of a petrol station.


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