And then there were four

D6 (Sat 31/10/15) 25/164

Flooded roads and rain with company

Bobby Shelin and Lakshmi walking in the rainIt had been raining most of the night and it I knew when we got up it would be a problem morning.

We started walking and were drenched immediately. The heavy rain made it difficult to open our eyes and the lack of light meant we could not easily see the level of the ground, after a few hundred metres we turned into a road and it was flooded as far as the eye could see.

I stopped but Bobby walked a few steps ahead and already the water was near his ankles. I shouted at him to stop and get on the bus as I was concerned that the dirty water could cause a foot infection. I decided the bus driver should drive until the road widened and the risk of flooded roads was no longer a problem. I compensated for the few km travelled on the bus.

When we started walking again it was still raining heavily. Shelin and Lakshmi joined us for the entire day of walking. We passed salt pans along the route where sea water was being evaporated under the sun in large shallow pools and these went on for miles.Waling past the salt pans

We also saw the Chinese Creeper vine that has been threatening farmland. It is extremely virulent and consumes natural resources, starving and strangling other plant life. There were fields of green that went on as far as the eye could see but instead of food producing crops, they were forests of this ‘mile-a-minute’ weed.

This was a Saturday and the idea for this day was to make up for any shortfall in distance during the week. Bobby was happy that he achieved his weekly target of 160km and settled down to enjoy his Sunday which will always be a complete rest day, allowing for tired feet and sore muscles to heal.


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