Long hot and humid afternoons

D8 (Mon 02/11/15) 28/192

Insects on the face and drizzle


We got up to the sound of light rain which is always welcome in the morning.

We walked in the darkness with only the headlights of the Walkmobile behind us. In the distance you could make out little flecks of light flitting about. These turned out to be a swarm of dragonflies heading in the opposite direction.

A little further on as the sun came up you could see hundreds of earthworms wriggling along the wet road. Every so often a butterfly would cross your path and it became apparent to me that this area was teaming with insect life.

Bobby’s feet were giving him increasing discomfort and at our first rest stop he elevated them to reduce the pain.

Up to now, we had been used to the odd petrol station every 10km or so but it became apparent this would no longer be the case as we struggled to find a good location to stop for another rest. Eventually we found a deserted weighbridge.

On the next leg the high temperature and high humidity began to suck the strength from our bodies. The night was bad enough where you lie there soaked and stuck to your bed sheet. When you walked during the day you looked like you just stepped out of a running shower with your clothes on.

When we stopped at the next location, we didn’t wait for long as the light would soon be fading and we needed to find a safe place to park the Walkmobile and bed down for the night.

We carried on for several km into the next town but it became apparent that the last stop location would be best even though the only water available there was from a small well. So I marked our position and we headed back to the last stop point to rest until the next morning.

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