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D9 (Tue 03/11/15) 28/220

Humid days and salt water showers

IMG_2796The usual early start had us walking towards Surangudi from where we headed south-east, following Highway 49 towards the coastal village of Vembar.

You could just catch a glimpse of the sea through the coastal plains to one side of the highway.

By afternoon we had passed the larger town of Sayalgudi. Finding a suitable IMG_2799resting spot for the night was again proving difficult so we decided to mark our position and as we had not passed anywhere suitable, we hopped on the Walkmobile and drove 2km further up the highway until we found the next petrol station.

I was becoming a dab hand at asking for permission to spend the night in their forecourts after asking if they had water to freshen up with. This one fitted our criteria (just) and Bobby decided to go for a quick shower.



He didn’t look to happy when he returned as the only water they had to shower with was salt water. Still … I told him you’d pay a lot of money for a salt water bath in a London spa.

I decided to not participate in the ritual of showering that night and instead remained stuck to my bed sheet.


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