Sunrise through the trees

D16 (Tue 10/11/15) 30/390

90 percent humidity and a bottled water cup shower.

The usual early start did not include the cool morning we were hoping for.

We could tell from the early humidity that the temperature was going to rise and the atmosphere would be sticky. We were not wrong. By late morning, the temperature was 27 degrees with 90% humidity.

We were taking in water to replace lost fluid as quickly as we could, drinking over one litre each in the first hour of walking. The first break came and we were to tired to have breakfast instead, postponing it to the next break.

Unfortunately I could not rest as I was having difficulty with internet speed in the evenings and had decided to try blog posting in the early morning. The gamble paid off as the posts uploaded without errors together with our social media integration. The downside was that as soon as I finished, it was time to walk again.

Village folk are out for DiwaliThe driver and assistant were having there own problems. Due to Diwali, the shops in a lot of villages we were passing through were closed. We were running low on food supplies, bottled water and fresh water stored for other purposes. Eventually the bottled water was sourced and we bought every bottle in the shop but we were using 16 litres a day and knew what we managed to get would not last long. In the heat, watery vegetables and fruits like bananas do not keep well so small quantities are bought and replenished often to reduce wastage. Today there was not a tomato in sight.

We found a petrol station for the night but it’s water tank was dry and although the manager said water would be available in the morning, we knew we would be long gone before that. The assistant divided our freshwater into what was needed for cooking and washing dishes. There was only a little left. I decided to abstain from freshening up and left the water to Bobby. From previous mountaineering expeditions become quite an expert at water rationing and could freshen up in the morning with a cupful of bottled water.

Bobby dictated some emails to me that evening and I managed to get another couple of hours of work done but by 10pm I was shattered. We get up every morning at 4am and do not sleep throughout the night so we savour every moment we get to lie down.

Lie down I did and I drifted off to sleep dreaming of my bottled water cup shower the next morning.

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