Getting the phone back in order

You may recall from my post a few days ago that my phone was stolen by pickpockets in Ramnad.

A brand new, sim free iPhone 6S 64Gb was the closest option to the mobile I had before and not cheap at £700!

The issue was, do I get a new pre-paid SIM or try to get the old SIM re-issued?

The latter would be the best option as I could retain my original number and all of the minutes/add-on packs would be rolled over to the new SIM. However, the SIM was obtained through a friend who lived in Delhi during my discovery visit to India earlier in March this year. He would need to be with me along with his ID for local re-issue. Aaaaarrrgh!

The other option would be to to obtain a totally new SIM with new number and write-off the money that was on the old one. I would also have to notify everyone of the new number including journalists. Clearly not the best option but needed as a backup. The problem is, to get a SIM issued in your name, you need a local referee … and we knew no-one in that town.

After a lot of persuading, I managed to talk the shop manager into being my referee. He asked me for a passport sized photo. I had none so left the store, located a photo studio in town and had photos printed. So I had a backup SIM and installed it in the new phone to make sure all was well.

Remember option 1 above? I contacted my good friend and DJ Delhi (Manish Bhatt aka X Fader) and he had a replacement SIM issued.

The problem now was how to get it to me as we were mobile and covered a variable distance every day.

I had found out that a courier would take 5-6 days and calculated our average over that time. I then plotted the distance along our route and located the nearest large town. A quick call to Shelin George and we found a friend of a friend who lived in that town and was willing to accept the couriered SIM.

All being well and the replacement SIM will be with us by the time we reach Nagapattinam on Friday/Saturday. Not an easy thing to plan though!

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