Bobby with a coconut

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Coconuts and Foot Pain.

Walking past tall treesThe day morning was warm and that spelt one thing, hight temperature was on its way.

Sure enough, the temp came and it hit hard. Going was very tough. Our consumption of warm water was increasing. Yes I said ‘warm’ as we hadn’t seen ice in days.

It had also been increasingly difficult to stock up with supplies as the Diwali rush had cleared out most of the small village shops. What was left was not very desirable.

Bobby was feeling a twinge in his left foot and at the time we felt nothing of it as there and been many twinges along the route. We decided to have our first stop.

While we were resting, a local lad noticed our Walkmobile at the side of the road and came in to say hello. We chatted for a white and found out he owned a coconut farm a short distance away.

During the first break, I noticed Bobby was in a little discomfort when placing weight on that foot. We had made it a habit of stripping shoes and socks off during our breaks to allow our feet to breathe. I noticed no inflammation on Bobby’s foot and the pain was not unbearable. Bobby decided to continue.

A short way along the road, the gentleman we spoke to earlier rode up to us on his motorcycle and handed us a large sack. In it were load of fresh coconuts! We continued on our way but Bobby’s foot pain became worse.

By the second break I began to feel that something was not right. However, Bobby still wanted to try and walk. By then end of the third session and short of our target I decided that Bobby should not walk further that day. He was in severe pain from every step and his pace had slowed as a result.

We found a petrol station and joy of joys, it had running fresh water. I suggested that Bobby freshen up, relax and then elevate Rahim hacking a coconuthis legs. It was while he was relaxing that I noticed slight swelling on the outside of his left foot, below the ankle. I applied a freeze patch and gave Bobby some pain killers. My fear was that he had sprained his foot and at worse, he might have fractured one of the small bones located in that region. I assessed the situation and decided that walking the next day was out of the question without expert opinion. Bobby spoke to Dr Baljit Kaur in the UK who is also the Vice Chair for the India Association. It was decided that we would get a check-up from a local doctor the next day and take an x-ray if a fracture was suspected.

Bobby was in good spirits and decided to sample one of the coconuts we had been given earlier. Our drive grabbed a large knife and hacked away at the rather large husk for a long time to reveal the small coconut within. The milk was cool and refreshing while the coconut flesh was heavenly.

In the back of my mind though was the though that we has lost a full day along with the shortfall for today but Bobby’s health was paramount so there was no compromise.

I went to sleep thinking deeply about what must be going through Bobby’s head along with the plan for the next day and praying that the damage to Bobby’s foot was temporary.

Pray for him too.

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  • Gurpal

    Thursday, 12 Nov, 2015

    Having worked in India for the last 15 years, the one thing I always miss is a good comfortable bed and the use of a clean washroom. Have a thought for Bobby and Rajan when you go to sleep tonight. Rural India can be difficult, especially if you get deli beli. Amazing to see someone at Bobby’s age so committed for his cause. Well done guys.


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