Bobby's foot in a bandage

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Bobby’s foot is bandaged … a show stopper?

4am came and went. We were having a lie in and ordinarily this would have seemed a luxury. Not this time.

Bobby's foot received an ice packWe were waiting for the local clinic to open so that we could get Bobby’s left foot looked at.

Overnight the swelling had increased and by the time Bobby hobbled out of the Walkmobile at the clinic, it was clear to see that even a slight amount of weight on that foot had him wincing in pain.

I explained everything to the doctor and  also asked him to give Bobby a full check over (MOT) while we were there.

After his examination the doctor told me that a fracture was highly unlikely but a sprain was very apparent. Renuka the nurse was duly applying an ice pack to reduce any swelling and the doctor wanted to administer a pain killer by injection but it would make Bobby sick on an empty stomach. I instructed the driver to make a quick plain omelette and when that had settled inside, Bobby was given his injection.

Dr I Asgarali and the staff Dr M Marudhupandian’s Pon Malligai Hospital were very helpful and once anti-inflammatory cream had been applied, Bobby’s foot was wrapped in a compression The clinic staffbandage. We were told that his foot needed to rest for 24hrs and for it to remain elevated for as much of that period as possible.

I collected some more medication from them before we left to head back the petrol station from the night before. We knew we
would need to camp there for the next full day and night.

The rest of the day was quite strange. I welcomed the time off but felt restless. I knew this lost day would be a problem and was worried about Bobby’s healing time. I caught up on emails and website issues and even though we had not walked I still felt extremely tired throughout the day.

I went to sleep still worried about what news the next day might bring. Would Bobby’s swelling go down? Would he be able to walk? Would we get to Chennai in time? What if the foot problem was more serious?

I did not sleep well.

Recent Comments

  • Dinesh Kargathra
    Dinesh Kargathra

    Friday, 13 Nov, 2015

    Evidence of grueling walk! Please recuperate before continuing. Best wishes.

  • India Association
    India Association

    Friday, 13 Nov, 2015

    Thanks for the good wishes Dinesh. Bobby has covered over 400km already since 26th Oct. It’s always tough balancing rest with the tight Bobby’s Walk timetable but you’re right, health is more important.

  • Absolute Harp
    Absolute Harp

    Friday, 13 Nov, 2015

    Lots of good wishes for a full recovery Bobby, Dinesh is right, important to be fully fit before you start again xx Meredith

  • Naresh Kanna
    Naresh Kanna

    Monday, 23 Nov, 2015

    take full bed rest in hospital and continoue your journey sir


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