Bobby limps along

D19 (Fri 13/11/15) 20/436

Limping and shrieking.

Early limping startMy eyes were already open at 3:45am. I waited nervously until 4am then got Bobby up.

His left foot was still in the compression bandage that I had re-applied last night. When I released it, I knew it had done its job of keeping any increased swelling at bay. I asked Bobby to rotate his ankle  and wiggle his toes. There was some grimacing which indicated that some pain was still there.



Bobby tentatively put some weight on his foot. It wasn’t perfect and I asked what he felt. He looked at me and said

“Let’s Walk”.

We got prepared and headed out. Bobby was quite clearly limping and still in pain. I asked him to provide feedback often about how his foot was feeling. hoping to stave off aggravating the sprain any further. Every so often Bobby would take a step and let out a small shriek. That was very unnerving.

We collectively decided to limit the distance for each session and the overall distance for the day. The idea was to walk 5km and stop for 1hr to rest then repeat. The initial pace was slow at 3km/h.IMG_0201

It was becoming difficult to find places to stop as the road was narrow and there was not much space on either side without the Walkmobile jutting into the road. Bobby was in pain before the 5km target but refused to sit down until a safe spot had been reached so we stopped at 5.25km.

After the first rest we noticed that the air was lovely and cool. I thought Bobby could achieve the same distance in the second session but the pain was too severe and we stopped at 3.5km. I decided on a longer rest to allow time to recuperate, eat and for Bobby to take his medication.

Bobby soldiered on with his pronounced limp and by the end of the day he struggled but managed the target he had set at 20km!

We found a petrol station to stay in overnight that was managed and run by Bharani. His father and brother who is in the army came to say hello that evening along with another friend from the local police force. We would like to thank Bharani and his family for being so accommodating and distracting us from the worries of the previous day.

My only worry now was how would Bobby foot be the next day?

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  • Dinesh Kargathra
    Dinesh Kargathra

    Saturday, 14 Nov, 2015

    Excellent example of tenacity. Best wishes.


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