Glowing in the dark

D20 (Sat 14/11/15) 21/457

More pain and evening rain.

I woke up nervous again at 4am and Bobby was snoring loudly … a good sign.

I woke him up and he was eager to get started to see if yesterday’s walk had affected his sprained foot. He was out of the Walkmobile door faster than me and soldiered through the first session.

The weather was on our side with good cloud cover which was coupled with a cool breeze that was against us but we didn’t care. After a good rest and breakfast, Bobby took his medication and was off again.

The pace was slow but steady and we kept a pattern of walking little and resting often.

By then end of the third session, Bobby was beginning to feel muscle pain in other parts of his body brought about by his limping. Still he gritted his teeth and walked on.

By the evening we managed to find a petrol station but its facilities left a lot to be desired. It had started to rain towards the end of this last session so we just wanted a place to rest and didn’t care about the luxuries.

That evening the rain came down hard and it carried on throughout the night, hampering our rest.

Bobby’s left foot seemed to not be getting worse and the painkillers were helping but were they masking anything?

We would only know over the coming days.

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