Bobby and the Walkmobile past Kottucherry

D23 (Tue 17/11/15) 24/532

 Welcome fields and peaceful silence.

Last night we weren’t able to park in the forecourt of the petrol station, instead having to park just outside. This meant the nights sleep was broken up by the occasional rumble of a passing truck.

Nevertheless Bobby and I were up at 4am and were on the road at 4:30am.

130km to PudhucheryI thought we were near the edge of the bustling city we had spent most of yesterday walking through. However, the road went on for many kilometres with shops and the odd house on either side.

Up until yesterday, we had spent most of our time walking through the countryside with the occasional village along our route. I was beginning to get bored of this beautiful but sparse scenery and welcomed the bursts that the busy village high streets would bring. We we had walked through all of the hustle and bustle we could handle over the last two days and when the countryside came, we welcomed it with open arms.

I breathed in large breaths of the country air and felt energised again.

Bobby was still limping and it was still a struggle for him to reach the 6km target we had set for each quarter of the day. At the end of each session, he was really exhausted and the breaks certainly weren’t enough to recharge his batteries so he was growing increasingly fatigued throughout the day. We talked about this and decided we would see if matters improved over the next week.

By the evening we had passed the village of Akkur and the first petrol station we had seen for over 20km.

Unfortunately my tracking app was telling me we still had 1.8km to go before we reached our 24km target. So we walked on for that distance, marked our position and returned to the petrol station.

I noticed that the road we needed to walk down tomorrow was extremely narrow and twisty. This would pose a problem but went to sleep knowing that the earlier we started, the most traffic we could avoid.

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