Rajan Selvam Donates to the walk

D26 (Fri 20/11/15) 24/604

Hip pain and a red sandy field to ourselves.

Bobby woke up quite sore but after a short while he felt a bit better.

We started on our way and the elevated temperature for that time of the morning meant a hot day later on.

As Bobby was walking, the pain in his right hip became more pronounced. We stuck to the reduced rate of 5km before resting.

Finding rest locations was getting very tough. This highway had become narrow again and dropped off on both sides. Any space we did find was usually in front of a small house or place of business and we know if we tried to park in any of these locations, we would be ushered away. The other major problem was the heavy rain coupled with the sandy soil. This made certain areas behave like quicksand once waterlogged. Our assistant (Satinder) would need to step out of the cab every time the driver tentatively pulled over and would check under the tyres as we inched onto the side. If there was even a slight risk of sinking, Satinder would immediately shout out and the driver would abort parking.

When we eventually found a place we would also need to take into account safety, the ability to run into the bushes and general
cleanliness to avoid flies.

Velankanni Church in NagapattinamAlong the way we passed a gentleman by the name of Raja Selvam who was passing the us on his way to the famous Velankanni Church in Nagapattinam. He wanted to hear Bobby’s story and left after donating 500 Rupees to the walk.

Bobby was very happy and by gritting his teeth, made his target during every session by the end of the day reaching 24km.

Rahim found a big field of red soil that seemed solid enough and we parked right in the middle. There was a large factory on the opposite side of the road with a 24hr security gate so we were covered.

Bobby’s hip pain increased throughout the evening and was also running a slight temperature so the menu consisted of food and Paracetamol for desert. Bobby lay down on his bed at the back of the Walkmobile and I heard him groan loudly as he manoeuvred himself on.

I new I would need to make sure all was well before starting the next morning so I lay down in my bunk and donned my headphones for an hour before drifting off to sleep with the sounds of deep house in my ears.

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