Bobby and Rajan with the owner of the Kovalam Filling Point

D32 (Thu 26/11/2015) 0/604

Only a day until Chennai and a welcome rest.

Wednesday had been largely uneventful after our mini beach excursion the day before.

A short slow drive along the ECR had us looking for suitable places to stop and these were becoming surprisingly sparse.

Bobby with owner of Kovalam Filling PointIt was then that we spotted a very quaint and clean location called the Kovalam Filling Point. The manager was very keen to hear Bobby’s story and was extremely hospitable. We had a chance to freshen up and had a good sleep. Even the pitter-patter of raindrops on the roof helped.

It must have rained heavily overnight and the leaks inside the bus were becoming rather annoying.

We had already begun to position or belongings and ourselves in certain locations in order to avoid the occasional drip from the Walkmobile’s ceiling but the leaks were becoming noticeably worse.

We started on our way in the morning. The big Salt Lake was on our left and I knew the coast was not far off our right. I began to think ahead, hoping we would get a chance to spend some time by the beach in Chennai but it all depended on the location of our accommodation which had not yet been confirmed.

A short drive along the ECR and the surroundings were getting busier as we neared the city. By the mid afternoon we found a petrol station but it required a lot of negotiating to allow us to park for the night and we were told that we would have to leave early as the tankers would be arriving to fill up their tanks.

This was the busiest petrol station we had seen so far and was constantly busy with the buzz of hungry traffic waiting to have their bellies filled with fuel.

We parked off to one side against some foliage which we hoped would do a good job of shielding us from the daytime sun. We had also been told that Downpour makes its way into Walkmobilemore rain was expected so Rahim and Satinder headed to the market to get some supplies.

That evening, Rahim cooked up an exotic and very tasty goat intestine curry. No … I’m not joking.

The earlier reports of rain had not been wrong and it poured down for most of the evening and night. Rahim and Satinder had spent some of the day securing a large sheet of tarpaulin to the Walkmobile’s roof in an effort to stem our ever increasing leaks but they were still present as if mocking their repair attempt.

I was too excited to worry, knowing that we would be in Chennai the next day … but I needed a confirmed address!

I went to sleep listening to the pitter-patter of the rain inside the Walkmobile.


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