BWFC and Sterling Dental Camp at Saveetha Dental College

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Saveetha Dental and a stay away.

The two hours of sleep I’d had in the early hours were welcome but not enough.

DSC_5229Sterling Dental Foundation had arranged a Dental Camp at Saveetha Dental College. Unfortunately the college was 20km to the west of the city centre and I knew Bobby was still in discomfort and needed to rest so we would be unable to get to the camp before it finished.

I did know that we had a reception planned at the same location that evening. It was also from this location that we were planning to link live with the Sterling Dental Ball at 1:30am to give a speech to the guests at the ball in the UK. I had spent a lot of time liaising with Dr Parvin Kapoor and Jasdeep Virdi of the Sterling Dental Group in the UK and various other contacts within India to iron our the technical requirements. Furthermore I was particular about the need to run at least one test from venue to venue before the live link.

Alongside this, I was aware that we had no Walkmobile and pre-empted by booking a taxi for the evening DSC_5236as a backup.

Rahim called in the late morning. The gearbox was shot and the only option was to order a new one and have it installed. He had already initiated the process and the garage was aiming to have the work completed by late afternoon. I knew it would be tight but had no option but to wait.

I pent the rest pf the morning and early afternoon liaising with Dr Mei at Saveetha Dental College, making sure all was in order for our eveniing reception. Sterling had arranged for the press to be there as well.

DSC_5270The time was approaching to leave for the reception and it became apparent that the Walkmobile would not be ready in time. Luckily the backup taxi I had booked earlier, arrived on time and we set out on the 1.5 hour journey to the college campus. I had arranged to arrive an hour early which would give us time to relax at their college guest house.

When we arrived, security directed us to the guest house where we greeted by Dr Mei and the guest house staff.

The time came for the reception and a campus car arrived to drive us the short distance to the main campus building. There, the almost military uniformed security guard greeted us with a very enthusiastic salute. We made our way the the boardroom where The Dr Deepak from the family who owns the Saveetha, staff and media greeted us with flowers.

We spent a lot of time discussing the walk and speaking to the assembled media. We also had an opportunity to see photos from the earlier dental DSC_5301camp along with information about the great work that Saveetha does. One of the amazing achievements is their Guiness Book of Records certificate for treating over 100,000 people in one day in a simultaneous dental camp whhich was run in 77 locations across India!

It was 22:30 and the reception drew to a close. I knew we would be staying until at least 2am for the live feed to the Sterling Dental Ball and Dr Deepak said it would be best and safer for us to stay in the guest house complex until the morning when we could freshen up.

During a conversation with Dr Mei earlier in the day, I had asked for advice about long stay accomodation. I had already asked at our current location when we had arrived and we had also asked Mr T P Singh but as there was a conference in the area, we would be told if anything was available.

DSC_5314Dr Mei must have spoken to Dr Deepak as to my surprise Dr Deepak asked us to be his guests for the duration of Bobby’s recovery. He mentioned that everything was on one floor, they had a full compliment of guest house staff and campus cafeteria/kitchen. Furthermore, their 250 acre medical college and campus was only 6km away for assessing Bobby should the need arise. I was caught a bit off guard and said I would speak to Bobby and as I was due to return very soon to liaise with his IT team, I would let him know later.

Back at the guest house Bobby and I discussed Dr Deepak’s proposal and I weighed it against Bobby’s current condition and mobility. After some deliberation we decided that we would accept Saveetha’s generous offer of stay but we would want to contribute to that stay. I left Bobby to sleep and said I would call him at 1am to be ready for the live feed.

The faculty staff had left for the night when I returned to the main building at 11pm. I contacted the DJ for the Sterling Ball But he was not yet at the venue. I then contacted the India Association Executive member, Dinesh Kargathra who was also technically minded. I knew we needed to run a venue test but would settle for a proof of concept to test bandwitdth, lighting and sound at this stage. I also knew through conversation that Dinesh had been run ragged preparing material for the Ball and asked him for a favour to test the link at his home. He very kindly agreed and the test was conducted successfully. He knew all too well for the need to conduct a venue test and said he would contact me when he arrived there. I told him I would upload all of the Dental camp and reception photos and videos so that they would be available for the Ball. This alone took me until 1am alongside testing the link.

1:15am came and went without any news from the UK. Any calls made to the UK contacts at the Ball were met with no answer. I decided to wait until 3:30am and comunicated this to all concerned in the UK before shutting everything down at 3:45am and telling the Saveetha IT Team to call it a day. I was disappointed that we had not been able to run the live link but had some solace in the fact that a backup video from Bobby had been taken prior and would probably have been used.

I went to sleep at 4:30am dreaming of a fast internet connection.

Recent Comments

  • Parvin Kapoor
    Parvin Kapoor

    Friday, 18 Dec, 2015

    Sterling Dental Foundation are proud and grateful to Saaveta dental college for all their assistance in this matter.
    Without their unreserved dedication this camp would not have been possible and for this we are grateful for their hand of friendship and collaboration.

  • Dinesh Kargathra
    Dinesh Kargathra

    Saturday, 19 Dec, 2015

    I feel sure the India Association is very grateful to The Sterling Dental Foundation for holding The Sterling Foundation Ball to raise funds for Bobby’s Walk.
    The evening was a success thanks to all the hard work by all involved. However, the live video feed from the camp, due to network limitations, was replaced by prepared videos. The dental camp photos uploaded just hours before the event by Rajan from India was presented as background slide show for all to see.

    • Rajan Bhanot

      Sunday, 20 Dec, 2015

      An especially big thank you to you Dinesh. Along with the workload you already had, you still found time to test the link when you were home getting ready to leave for the ball. At least we techies knew it would have worked. Also thanks for running around at the venue. I know that the venue have a lot to answer for with regards to preparation of the Internet link.


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