Bobby, Shelin and Rajan with flowers from Saveetha

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Moving again and a chance to recuperate.

Woke up at the Saveetha Guest house unusually late but refreshed. In fact, the first full sleep for days.

Rahim had left me a message while we were busy yesterday evening. The Walkmobile had a new gearbox and had been serviced. He had managed to find parking overnight around 2km away from the station. I explained to him that we had spent the night at Saveetha and would be updating him regarding or long stay location later that morning.

The guest house staff called up to the dining room for a traditional South Indian breakfast consisting of pongle, dosa, idli, sambar and coconut chutney, all of which was very tasty.

Dr Mei joined us and asked if we’d made a decision regarding our stay with them. I told him of our discussion and the fact we would like to contribute something towards there very generous offer by at least paying for our food during the stay. Dr Mei made a quick phone call and agreed. Bobby and I spoke to and thanked once again Mr T P Singh who had arranged our Central Chennai stay and he agreed that Saveetha would be far better for Bobby under the circumstances.

I felt like a huge weight had been lifted from shoulders as I had imagined us moving like nomads every few days. Packing our belongings and setting up somewhere anew until Bobby’s foot healed without really getting any rest.

I briefed Rahim and booked a taxi, arriving back at the station by 12pm and immediately set to work packing our belongings. I arranged for Rahim to leave his parking location and arrive at the steps to the station just as we got downstairs in order to avoid any further hassle with the police.

Satinder and Rahim before shavingThe midday station rush was manic but my mind was elsewhere. I knew we were heading out of the busy city and I knew Bobby would have the best chance to recuperate.

Back at Saveetha we freshened up. Aaah the joys of having a hot water shower! Both the railway officer’s apartment and the guest house had hot water boilers in the bathroom and this was something we had not had since Delhi, over a month ago. Rahim and Satinder joked about the fact they had never had beards so big. I took a snap before they went to get a shave.

Dinner in the dining room was traditional South Indian again. Dr Mei joined us again and I mentioned I Bobby wanted to have a full Ayurvedic massage treatment. Dr Mei said he knew of an Ayurvedic hospital nearby that only gave traditional treatments. He called them and arranged an appointment for 10am on Wednesday. We were full, felt relaxed and retired to our beds for a well earned rest.

Blogging and emails could wait until the next day … I wanted to zone out this evening and I’m sure Bobby did too.

I went to sleep dreaming of a hot water shower.

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  • Ashok Kumar
    Ashok Kumar

    Sunday, 20 Dec, 2015

    picture on the web is upside down

  • India Association
    India Association

    Monday, 21 Dec, 2015

    Hello Ashok, I noticed that but thanks for spotting. I updated it on the IA page and on our website but it seems any previously shared posts remain with the old picture. Will try to remove and republish.


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