Chennai heavy rain

D36 (Mon 30/11/2015) 0/604

The heavens opened and all was wet.

The day greeted us with a hot shining sun just like any other. There was a forecast of heavy rain but the conditions outside showed no sign of this.

Lakshmi Narayan had phoned to say he was in Chennai for work and would pop over to see us today. Shelin had booked her return bus back home as she had work to do for her charity’s children’s Christmas show but she would try to return in a few days to see how Bobby was doing.

It still felt strange not walking. We seemed to be doing things in slow motion and we were left feeling we needed to achieve more.

It was mid afternoon and time for Shelin to leave. Lakshmi said he would walk here and continue on his way. They said they would be returning soon and Shelin left with Lakshmi teary-eyed.

I was sad to see them go and the guest house although welcoming, felt that much more empty with them not present.

Rahim had parked the bus outside of the guest house but this was not an ideal location. There were also a lot of mosquitoes in this area and overnight they had attacked both Rahim and Satinder with vigour. In a walled plot adjacent to the campus was a large plot which was used for parking the college buses. Although Rahim and Satinder would be the only people there they still felt it would be best to move for safety and also the possible reduction in kamikaze insects.

Bobby talked to Dr Kewal Singh in the UK who new of an Orthopaedic Surgeon in Central Chennai. I took down the contacted the Surgeon and passed all information to his secretary. An appointment was booked for 10am on Thursday and I was happy that our time would be filled efficiently.

It was early evening when the sky darkened dramatically as if someone had turned down the sun’s dimmer dial. The first few drops of rain fell on the dry ground and this rapidly turned into a torrent of water from above.

We had seen and in fact walked in heavy rain before so this did not worry us in the slightest.

The heavy rain did not let up and continued throughout the evening and dinner.

The guest house had a ring of 8 rooms with doors facing towards the centre. The were accessed by a covered walkway arranged around an open central courtyard. The rain was so heavy it had already started to splash and gather on the polished, tiled walkway making it even more difficult for Bobby to negotiate without assistance. However we knew the rain would be gone soon.

We relaxed in our rooms and I turned on the news. There was a lot of news regarding the rain which was predicted to continue for a while. Chennai had suffered flooding only a few weeks ago so they were bracing themselves once again.

My eyes started to grow heavy and we decided to call it a night.

I went to sleep with the sound of heavy rain in my ears and dreamt of sunny skies.

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