Chennai flooded cars

D39 (Thu 03/12/2015) 0/604

Food supplies scarce and the power goes out.

The rain had been continuous and heavy for three solid days.

TChennai flooded airporthe rain had reached nearly all the way up the one and a half foot walls bordering the parking area right outside the guest house.

I had no way of cancelling Bobby’s Ayurvedic hospital appointment which was the day before or his appointment with the Surgeon in Central Chennai for today. All comms were still out and we had no news from the outside world except through snippets of information passed to the staff from those outside.

Reports had come in that the airport was completely flooded and had been closed. There were no trains in or out of Chennai. The city was without power and most communications. The army, navy and coastguard were working together to help those who were stranded … the situation outside seemed pretty bad.Chennai flooded jet

The guest house staff told us that prices outside had trebled overnight for transport, food and accommodation. Basic food was becoming scarse. We had noticed this as we had been eating pretty much the same food for breakfast, lunch and dinner for the last two days.

During the day, the power went out a few times but was always back within minutes. We were told that their deisel tank for the generator was very big and we shouldn’t worry although the look on their faces told us another story.

I went to sleep that night praying for the wellbeing of those that may be caught up in the worst of the flooding.

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