Scheduling Route

BWFC revised route map

I had spent a long time working with Bobby and the local campus team to devise an updated walk route which was an extremely complicated process.

I would need to manage risk and allow the walk to complete in or around 5th April 2016. The reason for the strict end date is due to the fact that any later than this and the increasing temperatures in Uttar Pradesh at the end of the walk would pose too much of a risk.

I also had no idea of what Bobby’s average pace would now be so we estimated an average of 130km covered per week.

With around 17 weeks available to us, we could only cover around 2,200km in total from Chennai.

The difficult decision was made to remove the West Bengal section from the route and to divert through central India. I have tried to keep this as far to the right of the west coast as possible without going past the 2,200km limit.

Bobby was adamant that the route should pass through spome areas of natural beauty therefore I spent nearly a day researching areas close to the route before calculating and incorporating them while still staing within our strict distance limit.

In total this task took four long days and I am happy to say that all who have seen it have been happy … including Bobby.

If we manage to make up time along the latter part of the route, I have allowed for a little time at locations like the Taj Mahal which is iconic and known worldwide.

The link to the revised map is below and feel free to share this with anyone:


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