Walkmobile outside Saveetha guest house

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Banks and shopping.

Since the orphanage day, Shelin had been busy organising 20+ volunteers, packaging items and creating a voucher system once they had identified households that required the most help in a particular area. In the alloted time, with the help of her friends and volunteers, she had successfully distributed over 300 large, family relief packs. The Reddington foundation were very happy with her work asking to officially partner with the Rene Foundation on similar projects. They even asked Shelin to help train their trainers. I could tell this was the start of a long lasting relationship and Shelin was overjoyed as the Reddington Foundation was such a large entity.

Saying goodbye to everyone at SaveethaOver the weekend, Bobby and I had been deciding on when to start the walk. We knew we had some banking and other items to procure so decided we would start tomorrow on Tuesday 15th November.

We had been waiting for our charity cheque book which had been sent very kindly from Ludhiana in Punjab by Bobby’s nephew Daljit. Unfortunately due to the floods it had been delayed and finally arrived on Saturday, two weeks after sending. I had researched the nearest bank we could use and had called them to make sure we took along all necessary paperwork. There was a daily limit to the amount we could withdraw. For this reason I knew we would also need to pay another visit to the bank and could do this on our way out of Chennai the next day.

The trip to the bank to 45mins in the hot sun and to make it worse, our vehicle had a broken air conditioner. Opening the windows did not help as it simply invited the dust and mosquitoes to shre our journey with us.

Eventually we carried out our work at the bank and headed back. There were a number of items to get ready for when we left tomorrow and although i had prepared a long shopping list with Rahim and Satinder, I decided we should get some of those items from a market near to the College.

After our shopping trip, Bobby went to rest in the room while I made sure that the bus was being prepared for tomorrow.

Rahim and Satinder headed out and retuned in the evening with everthing we needed except for fruit which was still scarce in the markets.

Shelin had left in the afternoon for another meeting with the Reddington Foundation and would be returning around 9pm. I decided our last evening Walkmobile parked by Saveetha Convention Centremeal at Saveetha should be a little special and told the staff to add some more exotic dishes.

Bobby’s left foot was still giving him a little discomfort and there was still some noticable swelling. For peace of mind I asked Dr Mei to arrange another appointment at Saveetha Hospital as a final assessment. Vijay from the guest house would travel with Bobby and Shelin at 10am the next morning. I would arrange with the IT department to upload as much information as I could utilising their Internet connection. By the time Bobby was back from his assessment, I would be finished and we could leave for the bank. I had marked a start point that was some way north out of the city to avoid any problem areas and on our way there from the bank, we could drop Shelin at the bus station.

We had a good meal that night and although we were apprehensive of walking the next day, for a few hours we forgot that apprehension and enjoyed the evening.

I went to sleep on the lovely bed in the room and tried not to dream of the 1.5 inch thick piece of foam that masqueraded as my mattress on the bus.

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