Walmobile parked in the shade in a petrol station

D55 (Sat 19/12/2015) 8/667

An early and eager start.

It was Saturday and that meant we would only be walking for half a day and resting for Sunday.Bobby past the border into Andhra Pradesh

Bobby’s left foot was very swollen last night and still quite swollen in the morning but he managed to get his shoe on and was not in pain at that time so decided to walk.

Ornate archway at entrance to Andhra Pradesh villageThis walk was tough on Bobby even though it was such a short duration.

The morning did not start off that cool and we knew the temperature would rise again rapidly.

In the south we had seen many ornate archways above roads leading to villages and passing by one, I decided to snap a photo.

Very soon after the first rest we passed the junction with the town of Sullurupeta. 17km east from this Chilling in the shadetown is the single road that leads to the Satish Dhawan Space Centre (SHAR) which is located on Sriharikota Island, a spindle-shaped island on the east coast of Andhra Pradesh.

I closed my eyes and wished I was sitting in the Space-port’s cafeteria, mulling over physics quandaries with the resident scientists. I opened them and realised that was not going to happen this trip.

Satinder cutting papaya fruitFurther along past the town we spotted a petrol station on the other side of the road. I ran ahead and crossed over to see if it was suitable by the time Bobby caught up. Unfortunately, they had a water problem and this would cause issues for our extended rest. We were told there was another petrol station about a kilometre ahead and took a risk to go there knowing that this distance estimate might be wholly inaccurate.

Just aver 1km later we came across the petrol station mentioned earlier and is was just right. It had water, some trees for shade and was in an open and elevated position next to sweeping fields which meant a good breeze.

We parked up and our plastic furniture was brought out for Bobby to sit in the shade.Indian people carrier

Satinder brought out the large Papaya which had been given to us by the Patel family a couple of days earlier. We had kept it in the cool-box a few hours earlier. Satinder cut it up and we ate the lovely cool fruit. We noticed the sole petrol pump attendant was looking longingly in our direction so we made sure he got some too.

View from the Walkmobile windowWe spent that day and the next relaxing and I made sure Satinder went to market to stock up on essentials like water, fruit and vegetables. He even managed to find some ice from a factory 8km of the main road.

During the day, a large truck rolled up and it was carrying around  30 people in its flat bed. I hesitated to think what the UK police would have said if they’d seen it travelling down the M25.

The view from the petrol station wall was amazing and was even better when sitting in the elevated position on the bus.

I knew this rest would do Bobby some good and I could spend some time catching up on work and planning a reduced schedule for next week to aid in Bobby’s recovery.

I went to sleep dreaming of the lovely view just outside my window.

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