Herd of goats say hello to Bobby

D56 (Mon 21/12/2015) 20/687

Cool shade and temple statues.

It was getting to be a problem walking with Bobby from the morning then carrying on on-line work and not resting.

Furthermore, we were always looking for ways to reduce expenses. Fuel was a very big one of those and we tried to use the air conditioning as little asWalkmobile hiding in the shade of a tree possible even thought the inside of the bus sometime felt like we were being slow baked. Another problem was power to our electrical devices which could only be supplied if the engine was running.

I decided to try a new method of working this week which would involve me walking with Bobby for the first session and resting with him.

Bobby would then walk alone for two sessions and while the engine was running, the power would be switched on and I would work. I would stop when the bus stopped and carry on working when the bus started again. We would check after a week to see how much difference this had made.

Bobby had been suffering over the last few days and over the weekend I told him I was going to put my foot down and limit walking to 1hr or 3km per session, whichever came first. There would be a 1hr break Bug from hellwith 1.5hrs for breakfast and 2hrs for lunch. At each break, Satinder must find time to massage Bobby’s feet and I would make sure Bobby rested in his breaks. With this schedule I felt I could maintain the right balance of covering distance without causing Bobby any undue strain together with allowing for recovery. Again I would try this for a week and then ramp up slightly the next week to allow for more distance per walk session if Bobby seemed OK.

It was time for a rest stop and the sun was bearing down but luckily there was a small clearing by the side of the road with solid ground. Rahim parked managed to park in the shadow of a tree and its canopy shielded us from the heat. It was a very pleasant location and a herd of goats even came by to say hello.

I would also like to tell you a bit about Indian bugs. These look like bugs you would see in the UK although some of them have more exotic colours. However they all seem to have been genetically modified by some mad scientists to be huge. There are giant wasps, ants, dragonflies and all manner of critters you would not want to come up against in a dark alley. One of these ‘bee-like’ bugs got stuck in the Walkmobile and was butting against the glass making a vHerd of goats from the Walkmobile windowery loud buzzing sound. It was a beautiful, iridescent, blue-black colour. It was also humongous so a took a picture of it with my finger close by for scale before capturing it and setting it free outside.

Parking in the sun was always a problem especially due to the fact you were not always able to angle the bus so the sun was at the rear. When the sun came through one of the side windows, the temperature rose to unbearable levels quite rapidly. Rules for buses meant that curtains were not allowed to be hung so that the inside is not obscured from view. We took to temporarily hanging sheets as a makeshift and usually inadequate shield from the hot rays.

By the evening we were looking for a safe night stop and in the distance I could see a large religious statue high above the trees. This meant there may be a temple and if that temple was by the roadside, the location would be safe for us. Luckily there was a lovely roadside temple so we stopped there.

I went to sleep dreaming of the shade.

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