Bobby chewing up the miles

D57 (Tue 22/12/2015) 22/709

Tripods and mayonnaise.

It was a cool, fresh start to the morning. As the sun rose we could see hazy mountains against the distant horizon.

IMG_0538Bobby covered 3km in the first session stopping just outside the town of Naidupeta. He was doing really well. His pace was slightly up and by the next stop he had covered nearly 8km in total.

The next walk session took us on a bridge over the wide Swarnamukhi River with Bobby making it to 10.5km by the next rest stop.

By the afternoon even my legs were aching but were I sat in the Walkmobile, there was no way to elevate them. They say ‘necessity is the mother of invention and a search around the bus revealed nothing I could use until I spotted my camera tripod. A little adjustment so with the legs on the steps, a cushion on the Rajan and his tripod leg standtop for comfort and my impromptu leg stand was born.

By the evening, Bobby was flagging once again and we luckily came across a petrol station but we were still 1.5km short of our 20km target for the day.

We also knew there was a toll gate ahead as we had been seeing sign for a while but for some reason they listed no distance. From past experience we estimated it to be around 1km away and decided we would walk 0.75km up the road and back to make up the 1.5km distance required without getting stuck on the Large statue outside a templeother side of the toll gate.

We started on our way but the toll booth never appeared in the distance but we could see the flashing amber light signifying a road junction was ahead and decided to head there. Without knowing it, we had covered a total of 22km by the time we reached the junction and got into the Walkmobile for the brief journey back to the petrol station we had passed earlier.

The petrol station was clean and had running water … yay!

Bobby and I had a refreshing shower before a good meal and bed.

During the night I was bitten by a steady stream of mosquitoes.

Something is just not right about having a cool, refreshing shower only to smother yourself in anti-mosquito cream which has the consistency of mayonnaise, leaving you to blissfully sweat the night away.

What little I slept, I dreamt of a mosquito free world.

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