Bobby getting closer to Nellore

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Pills and Beverly Hills.

We were up at 05:00 and on the road by 05:30. We headed for the toll gate which we eventually came across 2.5km down the road.Passing a toll gate in the early hours

Bobby reached Budanam covering 3km and was maintaining his pace. We were looking for a suitable shaded area to park but there were barriers preventing people from parking at the side of the highway. The session target had already been covered and I could see an open but very small space at the side of the road ahead.

Zig zagging distances to KolkataBobby decided to walk on and I warned him that I could see quite far ahead and there appeared to be no stopping location for over 1km but we walked on.

My fears turned out to be true and by the time we able to stop safely, that extra distance in the extreme heat had taken its toll.

Bobby was in quite a lot of pain. Although he had enough pills in his suitcase to make a Glaxo Smithkline We seem to be getting further away from Kolkatajealous, he didn’t actually like to take medication. However, this time he asked me to rummage through his pill collection and find him a strong pain killer and he took one.

When we started after that rest break Bobby told me he wasn’t sure if he’d make it to the session target and I said that was perfectly fine. The pain killer seemed to be doing its job as Bobby felt a little better.

Along the way we noticed a sign for Kolkata stating we were 1426km away. Just a little further, Bobby passed a Indian Rodeo Drivestone marker by the side of the road which proclaimed Kolkata was 1560km away. We laughed and I put this down to the ISM (Indian Standard of Measurement) which I told you about some posts back and will discuss soon.

We passed through a town but there was no safe place to stop for the night. It was then that Satinder spotted a tall petrol station sign poking its way above the tree line as if beckoning to us. We made it our goal and after a short rest we headed toward it

On the way I couldn’t help but notice the line of tall palm trees planted in the central reservation. Although not as well manicured, they somehow reminded me of Beverly Hills. Bobby and I chatted to take our mind of the walk and by the time we reached the petrol station, Bobby had covered a daily total of 22km.

A good meal later we went to bed.

I went to sleep dreaming of Rodeo Drive.

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