Nice afternoon with Saksham Nellore

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Icebergs and a lazy Sunday.

It was a lazy start to the day with a well deserved lie-in for both Bobby and myself.

Even so, we were up at 07:30 as Mallikarjun had told us he would be seeing us in the afternoon again with more Saksham representatives.

We took turns showering and the luxury of a shower head meant no filling of buckets.Saksham from Nellore meet us again

Lunch was consumed and is wasn’t long before a small vehicle pulled up alongside and three lads proceeded to unload several large sacks and foam boxes.

It was our ice … all 140kg of it!

I had mentioned yesterday to Mallikarjan from Saksham that we normally buys 20kg of ice at a time due to our storage problems. I had no idea where all this would go but desperately wanted to save as much of it as we could.Chatting with Saksham Nellore

Satinder emptied every insulated container he could find and once filled, the remaining blocks were placed onto one of the heavy sacks and put into the rear storage compartment of the Walkmobile. We knew the prognosis was not good and its life expectancy was about a day.

We pulled out our plastic furniture and sat in the shade of the Walkmobile.

Walkmobile at the petrol station 25km after NelloreAn hour later Mallikarjun arrived with his daughter and another car load of Saksham representatives and they had brought a box filled with cartons of lassi … joy of joys!

Bobby straight away drank one like he was 18 and it was a Sambuca shot.

It was a lovely afternoon while we all sat in a circle in the shade chatting while Satinder brought cups of freshly brewed masala chai.

When everyone left, Bobby and I talked with Dr Kewal Singh Dr Baljit Kaur in the UK. We also planned the week ahead and any updates to the forthcoming route based upon local knowledge.

De-bugging followed and a fell asleep dreaming of icebergs made of lassi..

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