Procession through Kavali high street

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High street processions and lake side resting places.

Last nights location was not ideal.

It was a petrol station but an old one with no light in the toilets and no shower facilities.

Shaksham members in Kavali greet BobbySatinder got down from the roof of the Walkmobile wrapped in his damp blanket and opened the door to get up.

We were only a little south from the town of Kavali and I knew that Saksham had some representatives there that wanted to meet Bobby.

I knew the highway swept around the town and would be a longer but smoother route. We would have to take the high street through town which would not be easy.

While walking I talked with Mallikarjun (Malli) who we had met over the weekend and updated him regularly on our estimated arrival time.

When we came off the highway to head into Kavali, the initial traffic was not too bad as it was still early and many Indian shops do not open until 10am.Bobby is interviewed in Kavali

Bobby was tired and we pulled over under the shade of a tree to rest for an hour.

When we re-started, the traffic was already increasing and a short distance ahead I could see a central reservation dividing the main road.

Waiting at that point were a number of people from Sakhsham waiting to receive Bobby.

We crossed over the street and the Walkmobile shielded us from the traffic as a garland of fresh flowers was placed around Bobby’s neck and he was introduced to the waiting people. Some reporters were also present and they took this opportunity to interview Bobby.

Getting ice at the Ice Factory in KavaliWe were invited into one of the representative’s house for breakfast which was in the adjacent, gated community.

We were graciously welcomed and had a lovely, traditional breakfast all washed down with our favourite lassi.

After the meal we had a lovely chat with family and neighbours about the walk so far and our message.

We made our way back to a the main road where more media were present and a number of disabled Saksham members had arrived on their modified tricycles and scooters.

We then made our way in a procession down the road with the tricycles in front, Bobby in the middle with Saksham representatives and the Walkmobile taking up the rear.

Making our way through a busy high street in a walking pace procession was not easy.

There were awkwardly parked cars to manoeuvre around and as soon as the Walkmobile would move out Orphan children at the school within the Sri Ramadutha Swami Ashramto avoid them, all manner of pedestrians, cyclists and motorcyclists would attempt to over and undertake.

In the end I told Rahim to drive ahead, find a safe spot and we would catch up.

We stopped for a few moments at the businesses of some of the Saksham representatives as we made our way further along. Bobby was beginning to feel tired and this was aggravated by the altered schedule.

We had been given copious amounts of fruit and vegetables but I had asked about Ice and water. I was told that this had been arranged up ahead so we carried on a little further to the ice factory. We only had the storage capability to fit half of the smallest block they could provide so the rest was essentially wasted but we had no alternative.

The remaining Sakhsham members were with us until we rejoined the highway at which point someone Lakeside sunset at the Sri Ramadutha Swami Ashramwas waiting at the side of the road with two crated of bottled water.

We were extremely grateful for their hospitality and said our goodbyes before finding a safe place for Bobby to rest before continuing.

I don’t know whether it was the schedule change or the distance (maybe a bit of both) but Bobby was in quite some pain. We needed to stop very soon.

We came across a lake, next to which was the Sri Ramudutha Swami Ashram. We parked outside and I went inside to get permission. It was a long walk to actually reach someone who stayed there and I eventually ran into Kasi who taught at the Ashram’s school. He made a swift wall to the person in charge (who was in Kavali) and we had our permission.

The Walkmobile was brought in and parked in the grounds as the sun was setting. Satinder had already explored around and found that the bathroom had no light.

Bobby was happy to have an open air shower as we had done many times before after which we got ready for bed.

I commented on the fact that although the facilities were lacking, there was something very relaxing about this place.

I drifted off to sleep dreaming of a golden, lakeside sunset.

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