Bobby walking with Sakham representatives from Prakasam district

D65 (Wed 30/12/2015) 24/855

No lights in the fog and famous biryani.

We woke up hoping to see the reflections of the stars and passing cars on the surface of the lake.

However, a dense fog had descended and created a magical glow through the Walkmobile headlights but we could only see about 50 feet ahead.Bobby walking the in dense morning fog

When Bobby walks early in the dark mornings he wears the same reflective shoulder and waist belts that cyclists wear. I wear the same and in addition I wear a reflective strap on my right wrist as I always walk on the side of the traffic to warn Bobby of any vehicles that invade our safe-zone.Bobby walking with Sakham representatives from Prakasam district

Many trucks and buses were passing us with very dim or with only one rear light working. Others were passing with their hazards flashing although some of their bulbs were blown making seem as though they were indicating to change lane. The vast majority were passing in the dense fog at high speed with no rear lighting at all!

We had no choice but to stop at the side of the road when Bobby’s first break time arrived. Rahim pulled to the left as far as he could then went to the rear to make sure all of the lights were clean and bright.

WThe famouns Ulavapadu Biryani Dhabahen we started on our way again, the sun had slowly risen and started to burn through the fog which gradually cleared by late morning.

Some Saksham representatives from the Prakasam district came to meet Bobby and told us about the famous biryani sold by the roadside dhaba called Ulavapadu Biryani. Apparently hundreds of trucks, coaches and other vehicles stopped here to eat and it was only a few two kilometres up the highway. He made a quick phone call and a few minutes later, four portions of their chicken biryani arrived and it was quite delicious.Bobby is 40km from Ongole

We were not used to eating such a heavy lunch and when Bobby was due to start he was still feeling quite lethargic and bloated.

It took a couple of rest breaks and quite a few kilometres to work off the food from earlier.

We passed a petrol station in the late afternoon which was big and clean. I got permission to stay but I explained that we still had some distance to walk but would return if we were unable to find somewhere.

Bobby with another Saksham representative from Prakasdam districtAfter the break, Bobby carried on and at the 24km total for the day we came across another Petrol station.

It was old but it had parking space so I was optimistic but they had a water problem which meant no toilets or showers.

We spent a short while looking at our options and I decided it would be best to head back along the way we had come to the petrol station at our last break.

When we arrived there I told Bobby to have his shower early in case any more people arrived to meet him. This involved me getting the manager to unlock the washrooms specially for us.

After Bobby, Even I had the time to freshen up and we sat there ready but no-one came.

It was actually a relief as we were both quite tired and went to sleep quite early.

That night I drifted off dreaming foggy roads and dry showers.

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