Bobby and Rajan at the SKR Pupils Welfare Society School

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Hear no evil and speak no evil.

Sunday meant we could wake up late … if you call 07:30 late.

We had breakfast and during the morning many more students came up to say hi.

The previous day I had arranged for Bobby to visit a well known local school for children with hearing and speech impairments.Being escorted to the SKR Pupils Welfare Society School

It was late afternoon when our escort from Saksham arrived and we set off for the SKR Pupils Welfare Society School which was 2km away from the college.

It was located off the high street down a narrow road but Rahim deftly steered the Walkmobile to the end off the narrow passageway while Satinder made sure we were clear of low branches and overhead cables.

When we entered the small, covered courtyard of the school, all of the children came up to meet both Bobby and I.

There ages ranged from four to fifteen. Some had no hearing, some could not talk and a few were unable to do both.Bobby interacts with the children at the SKR schoool

The school was also a hostel where the children would stay during term time, returning to their families during the holidays.

All of the children were taught to the same standard as they would have been taught at a standard school for their respective ages.

We sat while the children asked question in sign and we responded in sign as best we could. Some of the children answered by writing on a small chalk board in Telugu and English.

While bobby was chatting a boy passed by the school with a stick covered in small packets slung over his shoulder. They turned out be small bags of candy floss. I bought the lot which made the little boy’s day and asked permission to give them to the children.

The SKR children get a Walkmobile tourThe children were overjoyed as Bobby gave out bag after bag of the wispy treats.

We were later given a tour of the school which was adorned by the hand drawn pictures of various past and present influential people in the world. These was from all nationalities and had been created by one of the staff members who unfortunately was not present on that day.

After the tour was complete, we knew the children were itching to see the Walkmobile up close so Satinder got them to form an orderly queue while they were shown around a few at a time.

It was so nice to see the excitement and smiles on their faces and we reluctantly waved goodbye after Bobby made a small donation toward the school.

We headed back to the campus and after a while a few more students came up to say hello. One of these was Trivikram Kancharla and he was in his second year. We spent a long time chatting to him and his friend who was on a motorbike. They were extremely helpful in helping us to locate ice locally and accompanying Satinder to obtain bottled water.Bobby Rahim and Satinder sitting outside at the BVSR Engineering College

He had a keen interest in politics and was very interested in the work Saksham was doing. Together with a friend he wanted to fill in an organ donation form and I gave him the details of the Prakasam District Secretary.

Trivikram said he would help to mobilise the students and build awareness about organ donation within the college as well as spreading the word about Saksham’s good work as a whole.

It was refreshing to find such a well natured, intelligent and forward thinking individual who I’m sure will be influential and respected as a leader.

It was dark when I noticed the time and we had been sitting outside of the Walkmobile sitting on our plastic patio set made up of non-matching furniture. I was wearing shorts and became aware of the fact that the local insect life had seen me a mile off and had zeroed in on my lily-white pins.

It was time to head in and hope the late application of anti-mosquito cream would keep the swarms at bay and help to soothe the many bites I knew I already had.

We had dinner and got ready for bed.

I went to sleep knowing that by tomorrow you could play dot to dot on my legs.

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  • Dr Sukumar

    Wednesday, 06 Jan, 2016

    Most inspiring to one and all Bobbyji and Bhanotji.
    One person making many inspired.


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