The Walkmobile has a field to itself in the granite valley

D70 (Mon 04/01/2016) 23/926

Granite valleys and a spooky sunset.

Well rested from the weekend the morning walk passed through the village of Chimakurthy past the bus garage where we had turned to visit the school a day earlier.Granite valleys on the way to Markapur - AP

As we passed along the high street we noticed how immaculately clean the village was. Event at that time in the Bobby soaking his feet in ice watermorning, people were actively sweeping the roadside under the bright street lamps.

Fog hung lightly in the air as the sun slowly rose.

Large lorries carrying enormous granite blocks were thundering past us and it was then that we realised the fog was not fog at all. It was fine dust from all of the granite mining that was taking place all around.

On both sides of the roads were huge quarries where these blocks were mined and the dust became thicker and thicker.

Bobby walking at sunset in APIt coated the houses, the foliage and us.

Thankfully, the quarries subsided by the second break and gave way to much cleaner air and surroundings.

Rahim found a good spot, turning away from the sun and The spooky house at sunsetthe Walkmobile had a field all to itself.

Bobby’s feet had started to ache quite early and this was even more apparent when he stopped walking. He rested them in ice water and Satinder massaged his legs so he could rest.

Whether it was the dust in the air or the clouds, I do not know but as the sun set, the sky took on an amazing burst of orange.

We were ending our walk and were at the crossroads of a tiny village.

Bobby notices what looked like an abandoned house with a large forecourt. We parked there just as the sun dipped below the horizon giving the empty house a spooky feel in the diminishing light.

I went to sleep dreaming of fog and sneezes.

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