A friendly truck driver stops to have a chat

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Friendly truckers and hilly roads.

We left the forecourt of the petrol station and Bobby was well on his way by the time the sun came up.

Usually he would have some pain very early on and this would seem to reduce as he walked only to return again toward the middle of the day and on Bobby dons his dampened towel to cool his head - APthrough to the evening.

We were resting for a break at the side of the road when a large yellow truck pulled up alongside us and the driver got out. This was one of the many trucks we had seen over the last couple of days hauling massive blocks of granite to the factories for machining.

It turned out the driver had spotted us the day before when he was travelling in th opposite direction and now that he had seen us again he was curious to find out what was going on. We gave him the low down and he was extremely impressed. he verified the existence of the petrol station I had marked for our evening stop. He also said he would check up on us when he passed us again and to tell him if we needed anything.

It was nice to have a truck driver actually talk to us rather than attempt to run us over.The roads begin to undulate on the way to Markapur - AP

The afternoon heat came upon us and Bobby donned his dampened towel to cool his head.

The normally smooth roads began to undulate and we knew we were getting close to the mountainous terrain. The uphill sections were a struggle for Bobby, especially toward the end of a walk session when his energy was already running low.

We neared the top of a rocky hill and you could see where the route had been blasted to make way for the road. Large piles of slate-like rock lay at either side of us making it seem like we were walking through some alien landscape.

Blasted rock at the side of the newly built road - APWe reached our destination petrol station but the hilly roads had given Bobby’s legs a real workout. He was extremely sore and the fact that his pain was increasing was beginning to worry me again.

Satinder massaged Bobby’s feet and Bobby freshened up before bed which I knew would help him to relax.

I had been on the phone for most of the day making arrangements with Saksham representatives is Markapur which was the town we would be entering early the next morning.

The hills had sapped even my energy and I was looking forward to resting as I cleared my bunk for bed.

I slept dreaming of alien worlds.

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