Bobby's feet being checked by a specialist doctor at Woodlands Hospital - Hyderabad

D76 (Sun 10/01/2016) 1/1011

Foot pain and a rush to Hospital.

My concerns from the previous day were founded.

I woke Bobby at 4:30am. This would would be the normal time to get up for a weekday but today was Sunday, a rest day.Bobby's foot swelling and pain return

It had bothered him a lot that we had not been allowed to walk through the forest due to the danger and he was determined to make up for it. He had told me the night before that he wanted to treat this Sunday as a normal walk day instead of resting. Due to his foot condition I was reluctant to agree but relented as he was being quite persuasive.

It was immediately evident that he was suffering from a lot of pain. Nevertheless, he told me he wanted to walk.

It seemed to take forever for Bobby to put on his shoes but once he was ready, he made his way off the Walkmobile.

I could see he was in pain at every step and although I tried to ascertain where the problem was, I could tell Bobby was gritting his teeth and pushing forward.

He stopped a few hundred metres further along. I thought it was due to a stone in his shoe but he was catching his breath and this was unusual.

I asked if he wanted to sit down but he refused and started to walk again.Bobby is welcomed at Woodlands Hospital 2 - Hyderabad

He managed a painful kilometre in total before the resignation on his face told me that he would be walking no further.

I helped him back onto the Walkmobile and once his shoes were off I could see the severe swelling to his left foot which had seemed less when he started.

Rahim pulled over to a safe spot while Satinder made some much needed tea.

I looked at my options.

There was nothing but forest the way we had come therefore going backward would be pointless.

The nearest safe location ahead of us was Hyderabad. It was approximately 120km ahead of us and we were not expected there for a week.

Bobby is welcomed at Woodlands Hospital 1 - HyderabadI decided we would have to move that timetable forward and I contacted Dr Sukumar to update him on the situation. In the meantime, I told Bobby to rest.

It was not long before I received a reply and was told that a specialist from Hyderabad would contact me.

A few minutes later Dr Santosh called and I briefed him.

Under the circumstances, he told us to drive immediately to Wooodlands hospital in Hyderabad where further specialist including him would be read to receive Bobby.

I estimated we would arrive within 4hrs including and stoppages and relayed the information to Bobby.

I could tell by his expression he was not happy but he also knew that his health was a priority and that this was the only safe course of action.Bobby is welcomed at Woodlands Hospital 3 - Hyderabad

Rahim drove swiftly yet carefully to Hyderabad and upon arrival Bobby was greeted at the Hospital.

I knew we would probably be there for at least one night and while Bobby was being assessed, I prepped our overnight bags.

The x-rays showed that the fractured bone was healing properly but the lack of rest was bringing about swelling which was being aggravated by swelling in Bobby’s knees caused by Arthritis. Rest was required along with anti-inflammatory to bring down the swelling.

We retired to a guest room at the side of the hospital and Bobby rested while I caught up on some long overdue work.

After dinner we retired to our room.

The plan was to carry out the work the next day we had planned for Hyderabad even though we were there early. We would then restart on Tuesday if all was well.

I went to sleep worried about what tomorrow would bring.

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