Schoolchildren visit Bobby in his guest room

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Food Poisoning and a Nurses Role.

The idea on Monday was to wake up fresh and carry out a number of jobs in the city such as banking and necessary shopping but things didn’t quite pan out that way.

It was early in the morning when I awoke to the sound of Bobby getting back into bed.

He had been vomiting since midnight roughly every hour and by the time we would have got up, he was extremely weak.

I called Dr Santosh who gave me instructions and advised the guest house.

A doctor arrived soon after and gave some tablets to reduce Bobby’s vomiting.

I donned my nurses outfit and alternated electrolytes and coconut water every hour. Tablets were also on the hour and food consisted of warm barley water as Bobby could not keep anything else down.

Bobby slept for most of the day and I stayed in the room beside him catching up on blogging. Unfortunately, we would not be able to do any of the daytime chores and would even miss a dinner engagement with Dr Santosh.

Luckily Bobby began to perk up and by late afternoon, his energy gradually returned.

The connected school had just finished and lines of schoolchildren were lined up in the corridor waiting to catch a glimpse of the ‘famous walker’ who was residing in the room.I made sure Bobby was OK before opening the door and around 20 of them swarmed in to introduce themselves.

Overall a good move as Bobby was definitely better and sat up to read for a while.

A little light food for dinner stayed down and Bobby was relieved the sensation to be sick was no more.

We decided that tomorrow would be the day that Monday was supposed to be. We would get our chores done and be ready to walk for Wednesday morning.

I went to sleep relieved that Bobby was better.

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