Delhi only 1459km away

D79 (Wed 13/01/2016) 21/1032

Wonky Signs and Stubborn Boulders.

Bobby felt rejuvenated and could not wait to get onto the road to test his new heel inserts and insoles.

He mentioned that they felt a little strange but that was to be expected as his feet and overall posture we now positioned slightly differently.

As the sun rose, Bobby was doing very well. His knee pain was still present but he seemed to be managing that too.

We passed a large roadside sign stating that Delhi was 1459km away and also Srinagar which was a whopping 2601km away.

Bobby passes large boulders left at the roadsideLuckily for us, our next major stop, Nagpur was a little less at 447km.

As we walked, we noticed that the flat terrain was interrupted by rocky outcrops that stood out like stone monuments.

The fields had boulders lining the outside with large boulders left sitting proudly where they were uncovered as they could not easily be moved.

We passed a few more signs but strangely, Delhi had disappeared even though Srinagar was still listed but was much further north.

Bobby walked on passing roadside boulders, some medium and some as big as houses.

The roadside milestones were totally out of sync with the green highway signs but we had come to expect that from before.

By evening we had trouble finding a good location and had to resign to parking just off the road.

Bobby had a shower just as the sun was dropping below the horizon and while it was not too cold.

I took a selfie which showed I had lost half my body weight after having a haircut.

Sleep now required a blanket but not too soon as the night started quite warm.

I drifted off to sleep dreaming of rock monsters in the fields.

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  • Gurpal Oppal
    Gurpal Oppal

    Sunday, 21 Feb, 2016

  • Gurpal Oppal
    Gurpal Oppal

    Sunday, 21 Feb, 2016

    Nearly there Bobby. Wonky signs and stubborn builders….. Are your sure you are in India….

  • Mallikarjunareddy Malli
    Mallikarjunareddy Malli

    Sunday, 21 Feb, 2016

    Bobby ji namaste


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