Bobby passes the 430km to Nagpur milestone

D80 (Thu 14/01/2016) 23/1055

Miracles and Cleanliness.

We were up and raring to go at 4:30pm.

Bobby had some sniffles but he simply grabbed a bunch of tissues on his way down the Walkmobile steps.

He had some new found confidence.

Bobby is now 428km from NagpurThe heel inserts and insoles were working so well, Bobby had none of the heel pain he had experienced for so long during the walk before and this was only after one day!

Thank you to Otto Bock in Hyderabad. You are truly miracle workers and we highly recommend your services.

As the walk continued, the road disappeared into the distance and we commented on how well maintained and clean it was.

Minimal potholes, no piles of dirt at the kerbside, and well maintained signage, especially at junctions.

Satinder was keeping an eagle eye out for roadside markets from his position in the front cab but unfortunately the small villages we were passing had none. The highway also elevated when we passed through them making it difficult for him to explore further afield.

Toward the evening, Bobby had reached the limit of his walk energy and we found a roadside cafe (dhaba) and asked for permission to park.

Luckily it was granted which is not always the case as we had been moved on from the front of businesses and dhaba’s before.

I was frustrated with a slower Internet connection but managed to complete a little work and we settled down for the night.

I slept dreaming of highways in the sky.

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