Another petrol station rest stop for the Walkmobile

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Sugar Thieves and Driving Cooks.

As Bobby started in the morning, I could tell his pace had improved.

Bobby passes dry and parched terrainHis runny nose was getting worse but he was covering more distance than before in the same time. However I was always watchful that he didn’t tire too quickly and fizzle out before the day was done.

During the first break we sat down and decided that 4.5km would be the safe limit for morning sessions 1 & 2 with 4km for session 3, dropping off over the next sessions as the temperature rose and energy dried up.

The roadside vegetation seemed extremely dry, possible due to poor irrigation or a hidden, rocky subsurface. The dry terrain seemed to affect the cool breeze as there was none!Bobby spots a sugar cane field

Bobby spotted a sugar cane field on the opposite side of the road as he was walking.

Some of you may know that during Bobby’s first walk in India, he would regularly gather supplies from fields he passed along the way and the owners of those fields would not always be present.

The glint in his eye told me his sweet tooth was craving sustenance. He called Satinder to cross over with him and they both disappeared within the long cane stalks.

Rahim and Satinder cook in the cab of the WalkmobileA while later they re-appeared with two stalks and they were not running which was a relief!

Bobby told me that they had checked a farm hut in the field but no-one was there otherwise he would have given some money.

By the last session, Bobby had covered a good distance.

Rahim and Satinder were in high spirits during cooking while I was still frustrated with a very slow Internet connection.Rahim is a cooking magician

Talking about cooking, I think it’s a good opportunity to remind you about our kitchen.

The kitchen actually doubles as the Walkmobile’s driving cab (i.e. steering wheel, gear lever, instruments and all).

A large, 19kg gas cylinder sits upright in the passenger foot-well a a double gas burner sits on the engine cover between the two seats that Rahim and Satinder occupy.

In this space they manage to prepare and cook three meals a day with tea and clean up before they both sleep in the same cab (although Satinder sometimes sleeps on the roof beneath the stars).

How they achieve this is something short of magical and this is just one of the many adaptations that have become regular features of Bobby’s Walk.

With full bellies, Bobby and I got ready for bed.

I slept dreaming of magicians who cook.

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  • Baljit

    Sunday, 21 Feb, 2016

    Well done to you all, I am glad you are getting some natural food on your way. I am sure uncle enjoyed those sugar canes.
    India is an amazing countary and I am very impressed from your cooks and driver.
    Wish you all the best for the rewards now … Good funds for a noble cause


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