Bobby passes a cycle ride 100km for awareness of farmers

D82 (Sat 16/01/2016) 16/1093

Charity Cyclists and Pump Dogs.

Bobby is 396km from NagpurIt was a Saturday and that meant a half day.

It also meant I had to find a suitable spot where we could park for 1.5 days.Bobby passes a cycle ride 100km for awareness of farmers

A suitable spot meant a safe location, running water, a toilet and hopefully a room to shower in.

Since leaving Hyderabad, locations that fulfilled all of the above criteria were thin on the ground.

We passed a sign stating that Nagpur was 396km away if you went by the highway signs.

During the day, a large group of cyclists and bikers overtook the Walkmobile and parked up on the road We wave goodbye to the charity cyclistssome way ahead of us.

We stopped when we intercepted them and found out they were raising awareness for the plight of India’s farmers by cycling 100km in 10 days.Rajan sits on a milestone 398km from Nagpur

They were amazed when they learnt of Bobby’s Walk Full Circle and spent some time taking pictures before we all started on our way again.

We passed a roadside milestone stating that Nagpur was 398km away. Apparently we were walking backwards!

We also passed and escorted lorry carrying a large load on the wrong side of the highway. I joked that it was the pot for the lamb curry at a Punjabi party.

Lorry carrying a large load is exscorted on the wrong side of the roadIt was now late afternoon and as if my prayers had been answered, I saw the faint glimpse of a petrol station sign in the distance.

Upon arrival we got permission to stay for the weekend and made ourselves comfortable at the side of the forecourt.

All Indian petrol pumps have a stray dog or two that take up residence and hover around looking for scraps.

I took a picture of the petrol pump dog before the sun set.

I went to sleep dreaming of a petrol pump oasis.

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