Early morning haze illuminated by passing headlights

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Wilderness and Dry Heat

We had been caught unaware by the sudden and dramatic change in night time temperature.

Bobby openly admits he likes to feel uncongested at night but even he was resorting to covering himself with a sheet and a blanket which he had packed.

Endless parched fields on the way to NagpurI was already wearing my two-piece, Patagonia base layers. On top of that I had a sheet, a shawl and on top of everything I stretched out the only jumper I had brought with me.

If I had to put that lot on at the start of the night, it would be too easy.

The night would start quite warm and as the the hours wore on, I would need to layer-up as the temperature dropped. This would require waking in the middle of the night to grab an item of clothing or to pull over a cover.

The early start was welcomingly cool and the slight morning haze was fleetingly illuminated by passing headlights.A long walk through very dry heat

However during the day there was hardly any civilization, just endless roads and endless dry fields.

By the evening, the lack of a petrol station meant a stay by the roadside.

Luckily at the last stop we were able to replenish our supplies. Apart from drinking water and food, we could only carry enough water to last one and a half days.

One after the other, Bobby and I had a roadside shower on the square of tarpaulin we carried with us in the Walkmobile.

Still no joy with our mobile Internet, I prepped my many layers and went to sleep dreaming of waterfalls.

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