Roadside monkeys wait on the safety barrier

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Monkeys and Mountains

The flat plains and distant mountains were starting to become noticeably more rocky and hilly.

I had been attempting to upload content from the previous days but I felt like throwing our mobile 4G dongle out of the window as the link was intermittent and slow.

Yet another toll booth on our way to NagpurI decided to give up, grabbed a couple of bananas for Bobby and I to munch on and joined him walking.

About midday, Satinder noticed some movement in the bushes by the roadside which seemed to be following us and shouted at me to close the windows of the Walkmobile.

We were being tracked by a large group of monkeys!

Satinder told us that these cute but cheeky little fur balls with tails would like nothing more than to reach inside the Walkmobile and grab a mobile phone or pair of sunglasses.

They were even known to distract everyone by approaching with a large group on one side while a single monkey enters the bus through a window on the other side.

Aahh, but we were more clever and prepared. Just as I thought we had outwitted them, a monkey approached from behind and stole the banana I was carrying in my hand!Lamposts resembling giant hovering birds

We walked on for the best part of the day and encountered not a single soul (except the banana thieving monkeys and the vehicles driving by).

Eventually we found some other signs of life … a toll booth.

Bobby walked on with Satinder as I stayed back to explain once again about the walk and why we should be exempt from their charges.

Sometimes we succeeded and sometimes we failed. This time we were waved through.

Just before we stopped for the night, I noticed that the lamp-posts that rose from the central reservation resembled giant birds flying in a line and it was strangely calming.

That night we found a small petrol station and that meant we could replenish our dwindling stored water … Yay!

So a simple day that ended up with me dreaming of giant seagulls gliding on a thermal current.

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