The sun sets over the mountains

D89 (Sat 23/01/2016) 22/1215

The Monkey’s Return and the Singh is King Dhaba.

The night had been so much better due to the new blankets. We slept well and I even forgot about my Internet woes for a while.

Green fields before the forest startsWe started on our way in the darkness and as the sun rose we saw that the long road disappeared into the mouth of the distant mountains.

As Bobby made his way toward them, greenery was abundant on both sides but soon the green fields gave way to forest and the flat road became an uphill trek.The forest appears as the road slants uphill

As Bobby walked through this section, another group of monkeys were eyeing up his morning banana snack.

Bobby gladly sacrificed his fruit and one monkey ran close by eagerly stuffing as many banana pieces into his bulging cheeks before cleverly running off to eat his mouthful in peace.

The forest appears as the road slants uphillWe came across a cutting on both sides of the road and it seemed as though someone had written graffiti high up on the rocks but it turned out to be an advert for a dhaba just 1km up the road. This was great as Saturday was a half day and we were near the walking limit.

We eventually reached the top of the hill and there in this A dhaba advertises itself high up on the rocksbeautiful location was a clean and large petrol station with a small stall/shop on one side and a dhaba called ‘Singh is King’ on the other. I instantly knew this would be a good place to rest.

After mentioning details about the walk to the manager, we were instantly invited to park up.

The sun was still strong and with little surrounding shade we shielded ourselves from the heat under the Bobby and Rajan sitting in the shade of a roadside stallcanopy of the little stall while we sipped tea from paper shot glasses.

There was a beautiful sunset that evening over the mountains and we went to bed after a tiring day.

I went to sleep dreaming of resting above the clouds.

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