Visiting friends sit in the shade of the Walkmobile as we hold meetings

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A Visit from Friends and Cow Urine.

Bobby slept well but when he awoke and I told him, he didn’t believe me. This stance changed after a private viewing of the video I had taken of him Resting in the morning sunloudly snoring.

We freshened up and pulled out our plastic furniture to relax in the shade of the Walkmobile and the mountain breeze.

Shirish Dharwekar and Anand Sahasrabudhe from Saksham were due to visit in the afternoon along withShirish, Anand and Dr Sukumar talk to Bobby inside the Walkmobile Dr Sukumar and a few other Saksham members. We had spoken to them quite a few times on the phone but were eager to meet them.

Over the next few hours, a steady stream of people arrived to meet with Bobby. Some had travelled from a town called Nirmal which we had passed by a couple of days earlier. Some had travelled almost 300km one way from the Saksham HQ in Nagpur.

The large group of friends that came to meet BobbyThere had been a lot of remote discussions over the last few weeks with me about arrangements for our long weekend stay in Nagpur even though we would not be arriving there for another two weeks.

I was eager to button down the details and spent some time having little side meeting among the 20 or so people who had come to visit.Feeling welcomed at a lovely home-cooked lunch in Nirmal

It was now mid-afternoon, at which point we were invited to travel the 45 minute car journey back to Nirmal for lunch.

Bobby and I had a lovely home-cooked meal in Nirmal where we were made to feel very welcome.

We returned to the petrol station quite full and Anand set about measuring the outside of the Walkmobile with Shirish for the new Saksham graphics we had discussed.

The staff of the petrol station pose for a photo with BobbyDuring this time a car pulled up and out popped Praveen who we had met briefly the previous day. This time he was returning from a picnic and a lot of his family were with him.

Praveen's family talk with us until the sun goes downThis fascinating gentleman had survived Polio at a young age. He had since married a charming lady who was another Polio survivor, built up a business of raising cows traditionally for milk and had quite a few acres of land.

His business had also expanded to include the collection and distillation of cow urine which is sometimes referred to as Gau Jal (cow water).

Now before you heave, you’d better search Google as there are a number of professionals singing its therapeutic benefits especially with regards to diabetes and has been used in Ayurvedic medicine for over 5,000 years.

Bobby and I spent some time with the family after Shirish and Anand left for the 5 hour drive back to Nagpur. When the light faded, we said our goodbyes to Praveen’s family as well.

All in all it had been a wonderful day that had once again left Bobby quite tired yet ready for the walk ahead.

Before we retired for bed, a staff member warned us to be careful when walking the next few days as a man from one of the villages only 30km away had been mauled and dragged off by a tiger that day!

I kept this in mind as i tried to hunt for an elusive data signal as I had now fully resorted to writing everything down in the hope that a bolt of Internet lightning would strike and power my uploads for the next week.

I went to sleep dreaming of a 1,000 Meg fibre Internet connection.

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