Morning mist through the sunrise

D92 (Tue 26/01/2016) 24/1263

Modern Technology needs Old School Delivery.

It was was a lovely and cool start to the day.

Mist hung low in bands over villages by the side of the road like wispy, white candy-floss.

Morning mist hangs low over the village 2The early morning sun cast a magical glow over this fairytale scene.

I had been on the phone with Shirish and Anand from Nagpur and they had requested a high resolution image of Bobby walking for use in Saksham’s promotion material ahead of our arrival.

After lunch, I took a few snaps of Bobby along the highway and spent the next few hours painstakingly him and his shadow from the busy background.

As you may have read in an earlier post, while we were in Chennai during the floods, fluctuating generator power have fried my main laptop and was since using my backup but rather expensive laptop to perform the Walk’s day-to-day tasks.

This laptop was slightly less robust as it was designed to be used as a portable graphics workstation. Repeated vibration, movement and tugs when people had snagged the power cable had damaged the power connector which was now held together quite literally with bandage tape.Morning mist hangs low over the village

Another side affect of this damage meant that the laptop battery could not be charged and the laptop could not be hibernated or suspended.

Ordinarily this would not be a problem but in this chaotic environment it had resulted in me losing hours of work when the power supply suddenly dropped too low or the inverter cut out.

We also had to keep the Walkmobile’s engine running when using power as the engine was acting as a generator.

In order to reduce fuel consumption I had to work during some of Bobby’s walk sessions as the engine would already be running and Bobby walking solowould finish what I was doing, save everything, close all open programs/windows and then shut down the computer so the engine could be switched off.

When Bobby was ready to walk again, I would have to cold start the laptop and spend 10-15 minutes opening up all necessary programs again to carry on from where I left off.

Couple with the current snail’s pace Internet, it took absolutely ages to get even a small amount of work completed.

I had finished the graphic of Bobby walking and there was no way to send the completed version to our Saksham friends in Nagpur over the Internet so I resorted to saving it onto a USB memory stick which was subsequently picked up from us and passed on like some USB relay race until it reached Nagpur.

As we had reached evening by the time I had finished, I had run out of time to Photoshop wings onto one of my Walkmobile pictures.

We tucked ourselves in and I went to sleep dreaming of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.

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