Telangana and Maharashtra

D94 (Thu 28/01/2016) 24/1311

Border Crossings and Missing Roads.

An overturned lorry before the bridge over the Pen Ganga RiverThe morning was cold. Almost Harshly cold.

Bobby put on an extra layer, as did I and we started the morning session.

After just over an hour, the sun started rising slowly to our right and we rested.

During the next walk session, I tried unsuccessfully to get some life out of our Internet dongle but it was A fair on the banks of the Pen Ganga Rivernot to be and I joined Bobby.

The Border was marked by the line of the Pen Ganga River and just before the bridge over that river, we passed yet another overloaded lorry that had tipped over by the roadside.

Bobby rests and watches people heading to the fairtBobby crossed the fairly long bridge and to his left we could see that a busy fun fair and market was in full swing on the river bank.

We wished we could relax there but our strict schedule would not allow us to divert so we wished from afar.

On the other side of the bridge it became immediately apparent that the lovely roads we had come to love had disappeared, only to be replaced by a single lane track. This was a stark contrast and one that was proving to be tough on Bobby’s feet.We find a petrol station for the night and Bobby takes a rest

We pulled to the side for a rest and watched colourful carts full of village folk pass by on their way to the fun fair.

When Bobby started again, we managed to find a petrol station with some rough land by the side where we allowed to park.

We sat for a while in the last of the sun’s rays as we rested outside sipping chai.

Open air showers followed and we were ready for bed after dinner hoping for better roads ahead.

I went to sleep feeling sorry for cursing the M25.

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