Bobby and Rajan are welcomed with flower garlands at Pandharkwada

D95 (Fri 29/01/2016) 24/1335

Crazy Drivers and Moonlight Village Meetings.

My dreams had not been answered … and I’m not talking about banana milkshake.

Impatient traffic cuts in sharply forcing oncoming traffic to stopAs Bobby started in the morning darkness, the state of the single track road was not our only problem.

As the the minutes ticked by, impatiently overtaking drivers behind our Walkmobile would force oncoming traffic onto the roadside dirt throwing up plumes of dust in the process that we had to walk through.

They were also cutting in very sharply, narrowly missing hitting both of us as they wildly tried to over Covertibles lorries cruising down the roadcorrect their steering.

Still summer was in the air and we passed a convoy of truck with their roofs down cruising the other way!

Construction of a larger lane highway was underway as was evident by semi finished road surfaces on either side of the dirt track that were currently only being traversed by cattle but it also seemed that the work had stopped a long time ago and now recent roadworks were apparent. The only consolation was the fact we could use the unfinished road surfaces as a handy parking spot.

People stop on the way to say helloWe were slowly making our way toward the nearby town of Pandharkwada which the sign in the evening stated was only 1km away.

I had been on the phone earlier arranging a meeting with the town elders and we arrived early evening at a petrol pump owned by one of them on the north side of the town just off the highway.Bobby nears Pandharkwada

We were greeted with flower garlands and were each handed a red rose. Close to 40 people had gathered in the forecourt of this petrol station to the bemusement of the customers.

As the light faded, Bobby addressed his audience about the walk and its message as the light slowly faded.

People wait to hear Bobby speak at PandharkwadaAmongst those listening were a blind husband and wife who had found work through Saksham’s Jobs for the Disabled program. Their children were now studying well in college and Bobby spent a long time sitting with them to hear their story and was extremely humbled that they had travelled quite far by car from a neighbouring village to meet him.

It was almost dark when we had to say our goodbye’s as Bobby still had a few kilometres to complete before he reached his target for the day.

A large group of people walked with Bobby to the edge of town and waved us off.

A short distance further along the route, we found a petrol station for the night and settled into our end of day routine.

I went to sleep thinking of those who are blind yet have so much vision.

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