Bobby rests at the gurudwara on the highway

D96 (Sat 30/01/2016) 24/1359

Gurudwara’s and Pandher Transport.

Once again a beautiful sunrise welcomed in the day at the end of Bobby’s first walk session.

Bobby walks as the sun risesThe pain in Bobby’s left foot increased slowly over the day and I could tell by his limp that he was already feeling some discomfort.

We came across a gurudwara by the side of the road. It was the first one we had come across that was accessible and Bobby decided to rest for a short while before carrying on.We park next to a gurudwara on the highway

The sun was harsh. It was making it difficult to rest inside the Walkmobile and even more difficult for Rahim to cook inside the front cab.

We were equipped with air conditioning that was powered by starting the second engine underneath the Walkmobile. However, in order to conserve fuel and costs, we very rarely used it and when it was used, it was only for 10 minutes.

Rahim goes off-road and finds us some shade while we restMost of the time we would need to look out for thin strips of land at the side of the highway that were sufficiently wide enough to allow us to park safely without obstructing other traffic.

We would also have to hope that the direction of the road kept the sun at the rear of the Walkmobile, otherwise we would be slow cooked.

You can guess that finding a suitable location was not always possibleHinganghat only 55km away.

This time we were lucky and Rahim went slightly off-road with the sun behind us. Sheer, shady, bliss.

The town of Hinganghat was 55 kilometres away and we would pass it on our way to Nagpur. After Nagpur we would divert to the West instead of heading straight up toward Jabalpur.

Bobby passes the parked lorries of Pandher TransportHilly roads appeared once again and the uphill trek in the relentless sun was difficult for Bobby.

Still he had a smile on his face when passed the parked trucks of Pandher Transport which reminded him of his dear friend back in the UK, Surjit Pandher of Himalaya Carpets.

A twisty hill route followed, cutting through rock and at the top we were greeted by a stunning view of the land ahead with the town of Hinganghat in the distance which made it feel much closer.Top of the hill view with Hinganghat in the distance

The road started downhill followed by a long straight with dry fields on each side.

In the distance we spotted a petrol station on the right hand side and made it our goal although it seemed to get further away the more we walked.

When we finally reached it, we were immediately struck by how amazingly clean it was with not even a stray leaf on its cobbled forecourt.

The home straight with our goal a petrol station on the right side in the distanceThe owner was not present and would be back in the evening but the extremely polite staff gave us permission to park and told us we could use any of the facilities.

I took a moment to update Shirish and Anand in Nagpur who said they would try to meet with us the next day as we would be resting at that location for two nights.

That evening we were introduced to the owner who was a gentleman by the name of Ravinder (Ravi) Jawade. He was charming and re-iterated what his staff had said, making us feel very welcome and relaxed.

He said we would talk again the next day and we retired to the Walkmobile for dinner and rest.

That night I dreamt of standing on a mountain and seeing Delhi in the distance.

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