Anand from Saksham comes to meet us with other members

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Guest After Guest and Plans are Afoot.

It was a Sunday rest day which meant a lie in until 7:30am!

Bobby meets people at Ravi's petrol station 1We had breakfast and I started on attempting to upload my manual notes but the Internet was still too slow and Airtel support had since told me that the issue was related to the rural location even though we had been walking along one of India’s National Highways!

Saksham’s HQ was based in Nagpur and we were now only 100km from the city.

Anand made the long drive to see us in the afternoon with some lovely lady volunteers from Saksham.

Further to our discussions, he had also prepared a list of potential stop locations and corresponding distances for the upcoming route to Nagpur.Bobby meets people at Ravi's petrol station 2

We spent a lovely few hours chatting on the forecourt of the petrol station.

During this time, a Sikh family who had been filling their vehicle at the pump, noticed he Walkmobile and wandered over to have a chat. It turned out that Rinku Jessal, her brother and friend also lived in Nagpur and said they would definitely join Bobby when he arrived there.

Jatendra Rinku and Vikas meet Bobby before NagpurAnand had to leave with the ladies for the long drive back and Rinku left with her family and friends.

The owner of the petrol station, Ravi then arrived and spent a lot of time talking to Bobby as he was fascinated by the Walk.

We were complimenting him on the cleanliness of his business and the helpfulness of his staff. He even offered me the use of his wi-fi dongle when he heard about my connectivity issues but it was suffering from the same slow speed.

Ravi owned a lot of surrounding land which he farmed and would soon be building a small hotel and restaurant by the side of the petrol station. His transport business had him travelling a lot but he lived in Nagpur and also said he would be meeting us over the next few days as he travelled back and forth.

By the evening we were all talked out and were ready to rest but I was also relaxed knowing that the regular contact with Nagpur meant that plans were well underway for Bobby’s arrival.

I went to sleep not worry as much about the next 100km.

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