Snaking roads to Nagpur still under construction

D98 (Mon 01/02/2016) 25/1384

Organised Routes and Abandoned Cows.

Waking up I had a good idea of where we would be stopping during the 100km to Nagpur over the next few days.

There had been a brief respite in the roads near Ravi’s petrol station but this was short lived as once again, construction work turned this into a bumpy, single track which switched from left to right.

In the afternoon, Bobby passed some cow in front of a residence that seemed happy and healthy as the basked in the midday sun.

Bobby passes happy cows resting in the sunUnfortunately this had not been the case every time as we had witnessed many cows wandering villages, towns and highways, malnourished and searching for food.

They would walk slowly and often sit in the roads causing massive traffic jams and often they would suffer terrible accidents due to impatient and careless drivers.

Bobby had spoken in numerous locations throughout his walk and he always made sure he mentioned about the plight of these animals.

He would state that cows or any other animals should not be abandoned after their owners feel they are no longer productive. They should instead be cared for by their owners or in a designated location with other cows where they can live out the rest of their lives in peace and happiness.

It is sad to see the creature so much revered in the Hindu religion yet treated so harshly and without compassion.

Petrol pump Wadner? Duck curry?

I went to sleep thinking of happy cows in a cow sanctuary.

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